Tint Care and Cleaning

Window tint is an investment of both time and money on your part. As with any investment, it is important to follow all the recommended steps to ensure yourself a long lasting and plentiful return. If you were investing money into let’s say a mutual fund, you would listen to the advice of a trusted financial adviser who has helped many clients succeed and prosper in their endeavors.

Since we have helped over one hundred thousand of our clients enjoy a cooler, safer and therefore a more prosperous vehicular environment as the result of our services, A Razor’s Edge would like to share some basic tips with you in order to help you get the best return on your investment with us…

1. Get Baked: The first 48-72 hours with your new window film is the most crucial to make sure it dries and sets properly. Improper setting can result in streaks, lines and even bubbles forming because the water that exists between the film and window(s) does not properly evaporate. To prevent this from happening, make sure you allow your vehicle to sit in direct sunlight for the first two to three days after tint has been applied. We in the industry call this ‘baking’. The more sunlight and heat the windows are exposed to, the quicker your tint will bake and sooner you can roll down your windows if need be.

2. To Roll or not to Roll: Continuing from #1, do not unroll your windows for at least 48 hours, or two days from when your vehicle was tinted. If the tint has not dried fully and thus properly adhered to the glass, unrolling a window causes the tint to catch and peel, which will cause you to need to have your window(s) re-tinted at your time and expense. It can also in severe cases cause film adhesive to get stuck in and behind door panels, possibly causing mechanical issues with window switches or audio speakers.

3. Easy Does It: Never, and we repeat NEVER, use abrasive materials to clean the inside of your windows where the tint was placed. This includes brillo type pads or scrub brushes. Rather, only use terry cloth style soft towels to clean the inside windows, and also be sure to be gentle with your motions while cleaning them. Some might like it rough, but we can assure you that your tinted windows do not.

4. Clean Green: Never, and we again repeat NEVER, use ammonia or chemical based cleaning products on your tinted glass. Chemicals such as ammonia cause permanent damage to tint film, and this damage is never covered by a manufacturer’s warranty. Only use natural solutions, such as vinegar and water, or a light soap and water mixture.

5. Be Patient: If you have ever heard the phrase ‘It gets worse before it gets better.’, the same adage applies to your tint job. The first few days, as the Sun is baking all excess water out from in between the windows and film, your tint will appear streaky, foggy and in this regard, a bit ugly. This is totally normal, and within a few days of following these general maintenance tips, it will be good and new…and good to go for years to come!

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